Dec 2020

Soundtelling recruits publisher and adds podcast books as a new line of business

Audio books have exploded the last couple of years. At the same time, listeners demand higher quality from their listening experience. And the podcast is the fastest growing media format in Sweden right now. That's why the podcast company Soundtelling is now starting to publish podcast books – where the company uses the content from books, but focuses on the listener experience instead of the reading experience.

– Most books are written to be read, not to be listened to. So there's a gap that audio experts like us can fill, says Sofia Embrén, COO at Soundtelling.

Soundtelling has recruited Tove Leffler to lead this new initiative. Tove's earlier experiences include being the CEO at Svensk Bokhandel and, most recently, publisher at the book publishing company Atlas. Other than that, Tove is also highly experienced in radio production, as she worked at Swedish Radio for 10 years. Among her work, she has produced several P3 Dokumentär, hosted and produced Medierna i P1 and developed a lot of new show concepts.

– The book industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift. More and more people prefer to listen to books. And there are so many stories out there, that are worth reaching a wider audience, says Tove Leffler.

– Tove has the skills needed to make stories from the world of books come to life in audio, especially considering the quality that we think both listeners and readers are going to demand, says Sofia Embrén.

– To use my experience in both radio and my knowledge about the publishing world in developing these projects is going to be so inspiring, says Tove Leffler.

Soundtelling is a content- and production company focusing on engaging radio and podcast storytelling. Soundtelling has, among other projects, developed and produced the UR podcast Algoritmen, Love & Therapy with Daniella Gordon, This Moment Podcast with Marcus Samuelsson & Timbuktu, Epic Moments and Your Self-Help for PodMe, ABF's prepping podcast Beredsam, IKEA's Sovlinjen, the P3 Series Darknet, Save the Children's documentary series, Stockholms Women's History Museum's podcast A Woman's Place, SKR's podcast Sweden's most important job, Telenor's The World has Changed, and the whole audio catalogue for And several international productions at Radiotopia, BBC, RTE and NPR.

For more information, contact Tove Leffler, 073-041 35 04, or Sofia Embrén, COO, Soundtelling, 070-870 43 06,