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Behind the menu with Tea Malmegård

Ten chefs, ten stories as unique and tasty as their signature dishes.

Tea Malmegård interviews ten chefs she greatly admires from various parts of Scandinavia. By visiting the chefs in their natural habitat – the kitchen of their famous restaurants – Tea is able to break down the barrier that normally exists between guests and the secret world of chefs.

Tea says: "The idea for Behind the Menu came from a strong wish to ask some of the questions a foodie might have for the chef when dining out, that they don’t have time to answer when working. I met ten of Scandinavia’s best chefs, and their stories of how their love of cooking are as unique and tasty as their signature dishes are."

Behind the Menu with Tea Malmegård is an Audible Originals podcast produced by Soundtelling.

Listen to the podcast here.